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Multiple District "A" Office

E-mail MD "A" Secretary -> mailto:secretary.obfuscated.mdalions@org
tel: 519-523-4528

LCI President's Logo

Council Chair Stewart Patterson -> mailto:councilchair.obfuscated.mdalions@org
2019 Main Street South
Jarvis, Ont. N0A 1J0
h: 519-587-2772

LCI President's Logo

Secretary John Stewart -> mailto:secretary.obfuscated.mdalions@org
213 Westmoreland St. PO Box 35
Blyth, Ont. N0M 1H0
h: 519-523-4528
c: 519-525-0025

Treasurer Dave Hewitt -> mailto:treasurer.obfuscated.mdalions@org
18-4182 Muskoka Road 169
Port Carling, ON P0B 1J0
h: 705-765-6092
c: 705-706-3745

Below is a photo from the USA/Canada Forum in Grand Rapids of some of those in attendance from
MD"A". Front and centre, CC John is holding the Award for the "largest number of attendees from one multiple".

Items of Special Note:
* Paying LCI Club Bills * 2018 MD"A" Convention bids
* Lions Quest Support * Webinar Calendar

Links to Lions Forums: Lions Open Forum | Membership Forum | LEO Forum


If you find errors or omissions, please e-mail me at Lion Ted Rypma -> mailto:admin.obfuscated.mdalions@org. Thanks for your input.

To view the original MD"A" site (the one active from 1999 - 2011), follow this link. (Note that the old site is no longer being updated.)

Web Admin Lion Ted Rypma

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