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Youth: LionsQuest

Lions Quest in Multiple District "A"

Information about Lions Quest programs for Lions.

Rosemary Hunter is the A2 Trainer for Lions Quest School Based Programs. This is part of a presentation she gave at an A-2 Zone Meeting.

Lion Susan Beamer, MDA Lions Quest Coordinator


Lions-Quest is a comprehensive personal and social skills curriculum resource designed to assist teachers, parents, and the community in 'the development of healthy, capable young people of strong character'. Lions-Quest has become the most widely used social skills program in the world. It has been implemented in 33 countries in 10 languages and translations reaching over 3 million young people. In Canada, over 40,000 Canadians from every province and territory have been trained to use Lions-Quest with our children and youth.

Why do educators love Lions-Quest?

The advantages of Lions-Quest for children and youth:

Goals of Lions-Quest:

Components of Lions-Quest Programs:

  1. Character Education
  2. Positive School Climate
  3. Family Involvement
  4. Service Learning
  5. Positive Prevention

Values Promoted in Lions-Quest:

Skill Development in Lions-Quest:

Don't forget about Lions Quest Fellowship Awards

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