Council Highlights from Nov 2003

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Council Highlights from Nov 2003

Postby mdalions » Sat Apr 10, 2004 21:21

Governors Council Highlights
November 2003

At the council meeting held in Kitchener on November 8, 2003 Council approved the following actions.
1. The position of Leo/Peace Poster Program chairperson will remain as two positions
2. Camp Kirk was allowed to fundraise within all clubs in MDA
3. For all Lions who participate actively and directly with youth, a Police Records Search Certificate is strongly recommended.
4. The cost of Friendship Arches is presently $2200 for a concrete arch and $1850 for a fibreglass one.
5. Council approved to have The Five Counties Pipe Band be the official band of MDA at the Detroit/Windsor Lions Club International Convention in 2004.
6. Council also approved that marching bands selected in the future would receive up to $2500 to attend LCI conventions on behalf of MDA
7. A new treasurer was appointed for MDA. She is PDG Cathy Bock of A2.
8. The Windsor/Detroit LCI convention will host The Lions Fun Festival on the Canadian side.

Submitted by John Proulx, MDA Secretary
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