Where Are The Leo's?

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Where Are The Leo's?

Postby paulbaker » Wed Oct 18, 2006 23:51

Why have we virtually ignored Leo Clubs in the past decade? I feel that our current membership issues in North America are partly due to the fact that, in North America, we have failed to maintain and develop Leo Clubs for many years. In MDA, for instance, Leo Clubs are scattered at best - especially in the major urban areas of Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor. We all need to re-think Leo's and there role in our future growth. Leo's are our seeds that will blossom into Lions over the next few years. It is time for us to get the message to our clubs - "sponsor a Leo Club". If enough Lions get out there and spread the word, we will make it happen. We in A711 are on a drive to open 10 new Leo Clubs by June 30th 2007 - and we will! DG Paul A711
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Postby LionTed » Wed Nov 01, 2006 10:36

I think part of the problem with Leo Clubs is the constant effort required to keep them going. By their very nature, these Clubs have a moving membership - either young people join because they need the "Volunteer hours", or they move on when they leave the (high)school where the club is established.

I have seen a few cases where a successful Leo Club folded because the leadership graduated all at the same time. It just requires constant contact and develop[ment effort.
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