MD"A" Effective Speaking Contest Winners

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MD"A" Effective Speaking Contest Winners

Postby mdalions » Sun Oct 21, 2007 21:20

English Speaking Senior Students
    2005 Jenna Dafoe A-1
    2006 Morgan Welburn A-4
    2007 Jacob Hall A-12
    2008 Joseph Guiyab A711
    2009 Elyse Airth A711
    2010 Stephen Kemp A-3

French Speaking Senior Students
    2005 Ariane Brun Del Rey A-4
    2006 Alexandra Russell A-16
    2007 Claudia Beaudry A-4
    2008  Amélie Beauregard A-4
    2009 Chantal Giroux A-9
    2010 Geneviève Pilon A-4

English Speaking Intermediate Students
    2005 Timothy Wyman-McCarthy A-711
    2006 Tania Shewring A-5
    2007 Stephen Kemp A-3
    2008 Rebecca Pearce A-12
    2009 Émilie de Haas A-4
    2010 Morgan Wase. A-15

French Speaking Intermediate Students
    2005 Alexandra Russell A-16
    2006 Chantal Giroux A-9
    2007 Adrianna Cappelletti A-2
    2008 Gaelle Groux A-2
    2009 Adrian Norgnha A-711
    2010 Stéphanie de Haas A-4

English Speaking Junior Students
    2005 Brittany Mesley A-2
    2006 Laura Brayford A-12
    2007 Dominic DeCarolis A-2
    2008 Carley Burchell A-12
    2009 Heather Borsos A-12
    2010 David Watts A-5

French Speaking Junior Students
    2005 Maria France LaVoie A-4
    2006 Geneviève Pilon A-4
    2007 Émilie de Haas A-4
    2008 Stéphanie de Haas A-4
    2009 Fayyad Mohoboob A-16
    2010 Elodie Paquin A-4

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