Why do I have to log in to write...

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Why do I have to log in to write...

Postby mdalions » Sun Mar 27, 2005 11:52

To read this forum requires no special access - anyone can read. However, to post replies, or to create new topics requires a login.

I understand that logins and passwords are an annoyance, and make the process of communication more difficult. This measure has become necessary because of the smut and pill selling industry on the Internet. There have been many attempts to use these forums to advertise the same things that arrive in many e-mail inbaskets daily.

To prevent this activity, we require registration before it is possible to write in the forum.

As a further step, if you wish to sign up with a "generic" e-mail address, such as Hotmail or MSN, you must provide a real name and location, not a "screen name" or nickname. If you have a permanent, verifiable e-mail address with a major Internet Service Provider, a nickname is acceptable.

Thank you for your understanding.
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