USA / Canada Lions Leadership Forum presentations

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USA / Canada Lions Leadership Forum presentations

Postby mdalions » Wed Sep 05, 2007 21:46

Both the Beginners and Intermediate / Advanced PowerPoint presentations will be available for download here shortly after the close of the Forum.

Simply click on the "Download" link below for the presentation you wish. Any Lions Club or District is welcome to use the material to help in creating better Lions web sites. You will need either PowerPoint or a program such as Open Office (also NeoOffice on the Mac) in order to view and use the downloaded file. Please contact me if you have difficulties.

(The Intermediate and Advanced Presentation will be available as soon as I add some more speaker's notes, in order to clarify the points I am trying to make.)
Lions Web Sites for Beginners, from the USA / Canada Forum 2006 and 2007
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